Manage Agent Schedule

The Workspace Administrator can create and manage Agents' work schedules. Agents can also create and modify their own schedules through the BMC FootPrints Service Core personal Calendar.

To manage an individual Agent's work schedule as an Administrator, under Administration | Workspace | Other Options | Calendar and Scheduling, click the Agent radio button, select an Agent from the drop-down list, then click the Edit button.  The Work Schedule page is displayed.


If a work schedule is defined for an Agent, the Agent's version of the work schedule is used in determining availability.  If there is no work schedule for an Agent, the Workspace work schedule is used.

The Agent's work schedule can be defined here, including normal working days and hours, vacations, and holidays.  If an Agent does not have a work schedule defined, the Workspace schedule is used to determine availability.

The following options are available:

To apply any changes made in this section, enter your password and click Save.





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